Afternoon Keynote: Homelessness: Data-informed Solutions

Share UCSF data responsiblyIn this talk, Dr. Kushel will discuss the causes and consequences of the aging of the homeless population, and potential solutions. She will highlight how data can be used to debunk myths and inform evidence-based policies.

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Healthcare Keynote: Healthcare Ethics and Digital Science: New Ethics for New Technologies?

Understanding of the National and International Context in which ethical frameworks are being established for the use of patient data in artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Guidance for clinicians, researcher and innovators for emerging public engagement and government regulation of this technology. 

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Education Keynote: Digitally Yours...

In this session Sara Hughes will encourage you to subject your views on the education technology you adopt in the curriculum to the Goldilocks Question:

To little, too much or just right...?

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Digital@UCSF Keynote: Growing Together - Collaboration Towards Digital Transformation

Our session will present an overview of CDHI and CLIIR and share exciting initiatives occurring within each to develop and study the impact of new digital tools/technologies at UCSF. We will then share a vision for the future in which digital collaborations happen more routinely and seamlessly across UCSF. We will describe initial steps underway to arrive at this future state. 

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Data & Analytics Keynote

Share UCSF data responsiblyData Sharing, Advanced Analytics in Action, and the Digital Patient Experience

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Collaboration & Engagement Keynote: Better Together - Connecting, Building, Aligning through IT Governance

Supported by IT GovernanceUniversity leaders are discovering the power of our information technology community to transform the way we work and our missions of education, discovery, health and healthcare. UCSF IT Governance is bringing together a strong community of campus leaders and IT professionals to collaborate, integrate and empower our mission.

Morning Keynote: Digital Transformation for Organizations

Digital transformation is unquestionably about data and, more generally, the technologies to generate, acquire, manage and exploit data. While data is a defining characteristic of digital transformation, data is not sufficient. Like other transformations through the ages, digital transformations succeed when they account for process and people. The design-thinker calls this "empathy." The lean startup entrepreneur calls this "customer development." The innovator might call this the "job-to-be-done." To help you envision the impact of digital transformation on your organization, we in

UCSF Fresno Research Data Browser | Connecting with Diverse Patient Populations

With project support from the chancellor’s strategic initiative funding and the support of UCSF’s department of Population Health and Health Equity, UCSF Fresno made a project plan to develop a data analytic dashboard portal. Data will span from 2013-present. Data will be used for research and population health studies and quality initiatives. This project demonstrates how UCSF through its partnerships, persistence, and resourcefulness makes non-UCSF patient data available to researchers.

Peaceful Co-existence of HPC and Kubernetes Workloads for Research Computing

Sponsored by IT GovernanceIn 2018, our campus stood up a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster by networking together several different department’s research data centers. This consolidated compute nodes and storage into a single, much larger cluster which could then be utilized by any lab.