3:12 PM to 3:52 PM
Using Human-Centered Design and Predictive Analytics to Reduce No-Shows
Room: Genentech Hall S261
Track: [email protected]
Presenter(s): Lara Chehab, Andrea Araujo, Rachael Phillips, Amanda Sammann

Share UCSF data responsibly“No-show” is a common term in healthcare that is used to describe patients who fail to attend their scheduled appointment. From a system perspective, these ‘no-shows’ are of particular interest as they incur financial losses to hospitals and clinics. Schedulers are therefore encouraged to overbook patients in order to account for potentially lost revenue.

3:57 PM to 4:52 PM
Afternoon Keynote: Homelessness: Data-informed Solutions
Room: Rutter Center Robertson Auditorium 1
Presenter(s): Margot Kushel

Share UCSF data responsiblyIn this talk, Dr. Kushel will discuss the causes and consequences of the aging of the homeless population, and potential solutions. She will highlight how data can be used to debunk myths and inform evidence-based policies.

Slides: https://ucsf.box.com/s/kf2zv7mc90gw3n8wbdiefc00c8zchzsu (MyAccess login required)