Keynote Address

Morning Keynote

     Thursday, October 12th - 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM 

Christopher Shaffer, MS, AHIP
University Librarian and Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Information Systems, UC San Francisco

Chris Shaffer joined UCSF as University Librarian, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Information Management, and Full Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine, in August. Previously, he was University Librarian and Associate Professor at Oregon Health & Science University for nine years. He has helped plan interprofessional education initiatives and worked with research offices and Clinical and Translational Science Award centers to develop new library services for researchers. At OHSU, he worked with Dr. Melissa Haendel to found the Ontology Development Group, which promotes research innovations, service development, and education through semantically enabled technologies for the purposes of data management and publication, research reproducibility, and the building of novel tools for biomedical data exploration. Chris is an active member of the Medical Library Association, where he recently finished a term as Treasurer on the Board of Directors, and is a Distinguished Member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals. His other past positions include Assistant Director for Technology and Outreach at the University of Iowa Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, Technology Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Greater Midwest Region, and Resident Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Texas A&M University and an MS in Information Science from the University of North Texas.


Afternoon Keynote

     Thursday, October 12th - 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM 

Joe DeRisi, PhD
Co-President, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub; Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, UC San Francisco

Joseph “Joe” DeRisi employs an interdisciplinary approach to his work, combining genomics, bioinformatics, biochemistry and bioengineering to study parasitic and viral infectious diseases in a wide range of organisms. DeRisi was one of the early pioneers of DNA microarray technology and whole-genome expression profiling, and is nationally recognized for his efforts to make this technology accessible and freely available. Today he uses this approach to study the activity of the full range of malaria genes and has generated provocative insights into many emerging viral diseases. In 2004, he was chosen for a MacArthur Fellowship. In addition to being a Searle Scholar and a Packard Fellow, DeRisi has received the Heinz Award for Technology, the Economy and Employment, and was named an Eli Lilly and Company Research Award Laureate. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2015 and to the National Academy of Sciences in 2016. He received a B.A. in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Stanford University.

Jim Karkanias
Senior Director of Data Sciences

Jim Karkanias' background spans science (neuroscience), engineering (bioengineering, code development), technology (neural nets, machine learning, robotics) and business (founder of a software startup in the 90s and then head of clinical operations for the human health division at Merck). He held the role of Partner at Microsoft for the past decade, leading Program Management for Information Management and Machine Learning in the Cloud + Enterprise Division. At CZ Biohub, and in collaboration with partners at Berkeley, Stanford, UCSF, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Karkanias aims to build a world-class Data Science team to help drive and support advances in bioinformatics, computational biology, image processing, and next generation analytics.