Frequently Asked Questions


When is Sharecase 2017?
Sharecase will be held Thursday, October 12th, 8 AM - 4 PM.

Where is Sharecase 2017?
Sharecase will be hosted at the Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF in San Francisco.  For more information about the Mission Bay Conference Center, please visit:

How many people attend Sharecase?
Launched in 2012 as a way to showcase the innovative IT offerings of UCSF, Sharecase has evolved into a full educational expo, attended by nearly 1000 clinicians, physicians, faculty, staff and students.  

How do I suggest a potential speaker for Sharecase 2017?
We welcome suggestions for speakers, but please keep in mind that we try to feature a diverse group of speakers and capacity may be limited. If you would like to become a speaker please submit a session proposal.

Where can I learn more about the programming for Sharecase 2017?
The program for Sharecase 2017 is released much closer to the event. 

Is lunch included?
Participants who pre-register will receive a lunch ticket. Onsite registrants will receive a lunch ticket based upon availability.

Can I see a list of all attendees for the upcoming 2017 Sharecase?
We do not provide a public list of attendees. 

How do I get to Mission Bay Conference Center?
The Mission Bay Conference Center is along the UCSF Shuttle Route and is easily accessible by public transportation. Parking is limited so we suggest you use the UCSF shuttle or San Francisco’s very accessible tram, bus (Muni) and railway (BART) systems.

If you must drive, a map is available here and directions to the Mission Bay Conference Center location are available here. We recommend parking in the William J. Rutter Garage adjacent to the Mission Bay Conference Center. Rates are as follows:

Time:               Charge:
0-1 Hr.             $  4.00                   
1-2 Hrs.           $  8.00                       
2-3 Hrs.          $ 12.00                       
3-4 Hrs.          $ 16.00                       
4-5 Hrs.          $ 20.00            
5-6 Hrs.          $ 24.00                    
6-7 Hrs.          $ 28.00                      
7-24 Hrs.        $ 32.00 (daily maximum)           

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