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Sharing Medical Images Your Way: The RSNA Image Share Network
See how UCSF is empowering patients and researchers to take control of their medical image sharing needs - anytime, anywhere.

Health eHeart Study
Here about this ambitious study which aims to enroll up to one million participants. Researchers will analyze massive amounts of data in an effort to find patterns that may give advance warning of a heart attack or predict the onset of a dangerous irregular heart beat.

Improvements to the Connexxus UC Travel Portal
Connexxus has undergone a major redesign. Get used to a less-cluttered interface, fewer clicks, and an overall more intuitive application.

Advances in Financial and Operational Reporting Methodologies
Find out about the major innovations in financial reporting that will affect business units across the enterprise.

Apple iOS 7 in Healthcare
Join Apple to see how people in healthcare are getting the most out of iOS apps.

Business Tools

Cisco Technology and Next Generation Communication Services
Find out how Cisco technology is being used to build next generation communication services.

Using Drupal to Build Your UCSF Website
A basic overview of UCSF's subsidized web hosting and a short demonstration of a few of the sites currently running on Drupal at UCSF.

MS Excel Tips & Tricks
Do you spend half your day buried in Microsoft Excel? Go beyond the basics and learn some nifty tips and tricks you may have never seen.

MS Word Tips & Tricks
Everyone is familiar with Microsoft Word, but not everyone is familiar with all of its advanced features. Come see some lesser used but very useful features.

Adobe Acrobat Tips & Tricks
Adobe Acrobat is a powerful piece of software. Most people are familiar with using it to print forms, but it does much, much more.

Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing
This presentation will cover the organizational and technological strategies currently in motion at UCSF to meet the pressing demand for data. This will include a demonstration of two analytical dashboards that were recently released to production, a review of the plan to develop a scalable analytics and data warehousing competency in the organization and a review of recent developments in the area of data warehousing.

Qualtrics Research & Survey Suite: Use Cases for Innovating Business Processes
Come and learn more about the Qualtrics survey research suite, which is an online and offline survey tool available for academic use at UCSF. Find out how others have been using the tool to collaborate and innovate everyday business processes.

UCSF Everywhere

The Most Useful iOS Apps
If The NSA Is Already Listening, Do I Still Need to Secure My Phone & Computer?
In the blink of an eye, your emails, bank passwords, and "selfies" were stolen - along with 7,000 patients records. Learn how to protect UCSF and yourself by securing your mobile devices, such as laptops, phones and tablets.

How to Remotely Access Your Work Data in a Safe and Sane Manner
We all have an occasional need to access UCSF network and data resources when we're out of the office. This presentation will discuss how to safely and securely access work related information in a convenient manner.

Talent Acquisition Using Social Media
Explore the changing landscape of recruitment through the advances of technology and social media. We will discuss how this progress influences and shapes the way job seekers look for employment and how companies strategize to attract the best and the brightest in their respective field.

Get more out of Mail@UCSF: Email and Calendar Tips and Tricks
Come to this session to pick up some tips from an expert on how to use email more effectively.


UCSF Box: Access and Share Your Data from Anywhere
Learn about the great tools and services available from IT Field Services, including Box.

UCSF Academic Research Systems Tools
Learn about the tools and services Information Technology Services Academic Research Systems group provides for UCSF Staff and Affiliates. We will discuss the Integrated Data Repository, MyResearch, REDCap, the UC-ReX Colaboration, data extraction from clinical systems and data management consulting.

Collaboration Using Chatter
See how you can use UCSF Chatter, a private networking and collaboration tool, to connect with your colleagues.

Videoconferencing, TeleHealth, MobileLabs
Attend this session for a review of UCSF videoconferencing capabilities, options, demos, costs and support.

Using Cloud Computing in the School of Medicine
See how the School of Medicine leveraged the power of cloud computing in a recent project.


IT Leadership in the Hot Seat
This panel is a unique opportunity for you to pose questions about the present and future direction of IT at UCSF to a panel of IT leaders, including CIO Joe Bengfort.

The Bioscreen, first generation of personalized medicine tool for Multiple Sclerosis
The MS Bioscreen is a secure digital portal, running on a tablet device that automates access of relevant health information, data integration, and visualization. This project builds on state-of-the-art information technology and multi-disciplinary expertise, moves from the bench to the bedside and back, efficiently combines the realms of evidence-based medicine, education, and telemedicine, and pioneers a model for outcomes research and disease management that is fully portable to other chronic diseases.

Center for Digital Health Innovation
Learn how the CdHI is transforming healthcare delivery, discovery, and education through digital technology development and the creation of technology platforms for precision medicine. By creating an ecosystem bringing together the best that UCSF has to offer with other healthcare and technology leaders, we support and foster digital health innovation and development at UCSF, the Bay Area, nationally, and internationally.

New Data Center Grand Opening!
Data Center Services are managed Information Technology Services that ensure critical data and applications are high performance and remain available according to the customer's requirements. Services include Physical Hosting, Virtual Hosting, Managed Firewall, and Data Storage & Backup. These services allow customers to focus on their specific IT objectives without the overhead of maintaining their own IT environment.

Building Bridges: Technology's Role in a New Quality Improvement-Centered MD Curriculum
The School of Medicine is building a new curriculum for the doctor of medicine degree that centers on training physicians to be expert clinicians and to improve our heath care system. The new Bridges Curriculum will bridge gaps in health care, research, and education that contribute to burdensome US health care system. We will introduce this exciting new initiative and highly technology's important role supporting its goals.

eProposal - iRIS, the Exciting New System for Proposal Development, Review and Submission
The eProposal-iRIS system is currently in pilot and coming to the full campus soon. This is a great tool to help both our researchers and research administrators with the creation and submission of proposals. Learn about managing proposals, review & approval, and submitting to sponsor.

It's in the Wiki: Storing & Sharing Knowledge with Wiki at UCSF
The wiki is a simple but powerful web-based collaboration tool. This session will demonstrate how to build a wiki space and use it to improve documentation and communication about whatever you're working on.

Keynote Addresses

Sam Hawgood & IT Innovation Contest Winners
Ron Conway